Bikes With Attitude! | 2009 Phantom Bikes is Born

Phantom Bikes has come along way from building and selling bikes out of a garage in a small, but beautiful southern California town. They pride themselves in being a pioneer in the motorized bicycle industry. Phantom Bikes, Inc. is an American lifestyle brand dedicated to design, innovation, and providing consumers with a combination of best-in-class product design, customer service, comfort, and economy in bicycle transportation.

Better E-Bikes | 2018 A Path to Hometown

Today, Phantom operates out of a large facility in Los Angeles County and their e-bikes are now sold worldwide. In a world of mass-produced inexpensive knock-offs, Phantom Bikes sets itself apart from that crowd by building and distributing quality e-bikes and e-scooters at an affordable price. With the Chillicothe Bikeway in our backyard, these bikes allow you to go further and take in more of our beautiful rolling hills. That’s why Hometown carries a great variety of Phantom Bikes for you!