A Great Startup | 1908 In the Beginning

Steven Briggs and Harry Stratton founded the Briggs & Stratton Corporation back in 1908. They stared as automotive company with the Briggs & Stratton Flyer.

A MUST HAVE | 1953 Revolutionizing Lawn and Garden

From there, they went on to make small engines for washing machines and tillers. Then a decisive moment, it was 1953 and they introduced the lightweight aluminum engine which revolutionized the lawn and garden industry. It enabled just about anybody to afford these innovative lawn mowers, and everybody wanted one. The Briggs & Stratton name became an integral part of suburban life.

A Powerful Relationship | 2017 Hometown Motors and Briggs & Stratton

Hometown Motors, seeing the need in the local community, looked to provide their customers with a proven, reliable engine. With this need in mind, Hometown Motors becomes an authorized Briggs & Stratton dealer. Today, you can visit Hometown Motors and see a heavy footprint of Briggs & Stratton’s. From small to large engines, oil, and generators Hometown Motors has it all, in stock, and in doors!